Welcome astrology newbies, oldies, and the intrigued. I hope to upload astrology based posts as much as I can, I thank you for choosing me to take you on this journey to astrological self-discovery.

leo pro/con.

LEO CHILD PRO Leo children are responsible from a young age, you can count on them to be young adults and in control of their morals and values early. They’re very respectable children and know about hierarchal structures in a house hold from early and usually abide by them. These kids are usually bubbly and … Continue reading leo pro/con.

gemini pro/con.

GEMINI CHILD PRO Gemini children are typical of their planet influences - Mercury. From a young age, they love to communicate. This can be through many means like music, talking, sports, reading, role playing. They enjoy being active and find themselves constantly on the go, trying new things. Communication also comes through the amount of … Continue reading gemini pro/con.